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Research Interests

Si-based Resonant Interband Tunnel Diodes for Quantum Functional Circuitry (mixed-signal, logic, and low power embedded memory) to Extend CMOS;

Fully Printed Flexible Internet of Things Nodes with Energy Scavenging and Non toxic Energy Storage;

Conjugated Polymer-based Flexible Electronics, Foldable Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics (i.e. point-of-use energy harvesting, conformable to flexible and curved surfaces);

III-Nitride Quantum Tunneling Devices for Terahertz and Enhanced Performance

Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging for Security and Safety via Si-based Backward Diode Sensors (i.e detect concealed weapons and airplane safety for sight through fog, smoke and light rain);

Bioelectronics for in vivo Usage for Biosensing and Transmitting Bioelectrical Signals

Nanoelectronics: Si-based Quantum Dot Nanoswitches and Tunneling FETs to Replace CMOS;

Some Former Research Interests

RHEED Studies of Strained Layer Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Self-Assembled Quantum Dots;

Optoelectronic Devices (Photodiodes, LEDs, Lasers, Waveguide Modulators etc.); and Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits (OEIC), such as Photoreceivers and Phototransmitters, leveraging Selective Area Epitaxy;

and Alternative Organometallic Precursors for MOCVD Growth.


Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering