Tampere Summer School: Student testimonials

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In 2018, almost 400 students from 45 countries and of 63 nationalities took part in Tampere Summer School. Read what they thought about their experience!

"Tampere Summer School was an amazing opportunity to learn in a highly international environment.  The fellow students were from all over the world and incredible to meet.  The instructors were all supportive and engaging.  Over all I would highly recommend the Tampere Summer School to anyone interested in learning while traveling!"  Leland, United States

"Nothing would have been a better use of summer time than to join the Tampere Summer School. Not only you'll learn and study new things but also you'll meet many friendly people from all around that are open to new exciting experiences, and in retrospect, will make your summer full of great memories. It's also the best way to learn about the city one connection at a time."  Amir, Algeria

"Tampere Summer School was an inspiring way to deep dive into the subject of your interest while getting to know fascinating personalities from all over the world!"  Elina, Finland

Tampere Summer School was an awesome experience! I have learned so much in these two weeks - inside and outside the classroom. By taking part in the social events like the Finnish food evening and Finnish sauna event, I was able to get an insight into the Finnish way of life. And what can I say? I loved it!" Marina, Germany

"The two weeks during the Tampere Summer School were unforgettable. I have learned a lot about Tampere, participated in interesting courses, learned some Finnish and met enthusiastic people from distant and neighboring countries."  Tomas, Lithuania

"I didn't expect the course and the summer school to be that fun and useful, considering its short duration. I was very happy that I took the course. The teaching method was practical and involving. Practicalities were communicated clearly and well in advance so I feel being really taken care of. There were exchange students in my class and one of them said she fell in love with the course, the people and the city within a very short time."

"The Summer School in Tampere was an amazing experience! I meet new people from China, Japan, Malesia, Russia and soon on, and it was really interesting to compare different ideas and habits."  Francesca, Italy

"What an experience!  Exposure to life in an amazing city whilst learning something each day.  The Summer School is excellently organised, and the recommended accommodation, whilst basic, is comfortable and easily accessible from the University itself.  It is also fascinating to meet so many students from different walks of life, and to learn about their lives and expectations in a different world.   Being able to observe locals attitudes to queueing, recycling and littering also makes you think about things in your home town/country.  All-in-all, a wonderful experience that has had a profound impact on my thinking about life and learning.  If you get the chance to experience this for yourself then grab it with both hands and see what life and learning is like in Tampere."   Gordon, Scotland

"Studying in Tampere Summer School represents a breath of fresh air in terms of learning, mainly because of the quality of teachers and methodologies. In addition, the summer school takes place in this wonderful city, which welcomes you with humbleness and kindness."  Nuria Moratalla, Spain