Seminar in Geotechnical Engineering

The Faculty of Built Environment is inviting you to an afternoon seminar addressing the increasing amount of data we are facing in geotechnical engineering. The keynote speaker is Professor Kok-Kwang Phoon from NUS who is a world leading expert on this topic.
The seminar will take place on Thursday 31st of October at 14.15 in lecture hall RG202 in the Faculty of Built Environment.

The program for the seminar is the following:

Professor Kok-Kwang Phoon will have an 1 hour keynote lecture with the topic

Big Ugly Data in Geotechnics or BUG

Afterwards we will have about 20 minute’s lectures as follows;

SHANSEP based transformation models Marco D’Ignazio NGI/Ramboll/TAU

Reliability of CPTU Mika Knuuti/Juha Selänpää TAU

CPTU based transformation models Bruno D’Buo/Tim Länsivaara TAU

Influence of Data coherence on transfor-mation models Mohammad Farhadi TAU

Coffee will be served before the seminar. Kindly confirm your participation to johanna.harju [at] tuni.fi by 30 October.


Tim Länsivaara


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Further information

Tim Länsivaara (@tuni.fi)