The repeal of the 8th amendment on abortion legislation in Ireland

Dr Cathrine Conlon luennoi Irlannin aborttia koskevan lainsäädännön muutoksesta. Luento on englanninkielinen.

Ireland recently repealed a constitutional ban on abortion in place since 1983 and implemented legislation to provide abortion within its primary care service on January 1st 2019. This is 'big bang' Policy change in reproductive health provision.

In this seminar Dr Catherine Conlon Asst Prof Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin will consider the factors leading to Repeal of the 8th Amendment of 1983, outline the form of implementation envisaged by legislation providing for abortion services and reflect on what this signifies regarding how the Irish State relates to fertile bodies.

Catherine Conlon has been involved in policy research relating to fertile bodies in Ireland since 1993. She is co-editor of Abortion Papers Ireland II (Cork University Press 2015) and was a convenor of Trinity for Yes during the 2018 referendum.

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