OASIS Lunchtime Talk: Finnish and Polish educational board games in the mid-19th century

Maria B. Garda (PhD) has been researching video games and digital media from the perspectives of genre, nostalgia and local history. She is an expert of media history, and her current work focuses on comparative history of game cultures.

The rise of national identity politics in 19th century has been studied in the context of various art forms. Yet it seems that not enough attention has been paid to the role of ludic expressions in that process. Looking at two case studies: Huvimatka Aavasaksalle... (Olson 1862, Finland) and Gra z jeografii Królestwa Polskiego. (Szymanowski 1859, Poland), we investigate how the given games were involved in ideological discourses and national identity politics of the era.

OASIS Lunchtime Talks is a series of lectures on current research by fascinating scholars from near and far. The event is free and open to all, welcome!


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