OASIS Lunchtime Talk: Digital Dreamers? Researching the Lives of Videogame Workers

Anna M. Ozimek is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School at Tallinn University. Her postdoctoral research project and PhD thesis concerned an investigation of videogame labour in the Central and Eastern European region.

While videogames that are developed, localised, and tested in Poland and Estonia are played by people all over the world, the working lives of the people who contribute to their development are underexplored. This presentation discusses the opportunities and challenges of investigating videogame labour outside the 'core' videogame production regions. Drawing on data from in-depth interviews and analyses of secondary sources, Anna Ozimek will discuss the development of the videogame industry and videogame workforce in the CEE region.

OASIS Lunchtime Talks is a series of lectures on current research by fascinating scholars from near and far. The event is free and open to all, welcome!


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