OASIS Lunch Time Talks - Zen Mode: on Buddhism, McMindfulness, and orientalism in games

This week we will have TWO OASIS Lunch Time Talks! Take note that this first one will be on Wednesday!

Since the casual revolution, “Zen modes” have become a staple of gaming culture. In parallel, games described as “Zen gaming”, from Flower to Tetris Effect, have made contemplation, minimalism, and slowness mainstream. With mindfulness turned into a neoliberal tool and positive psychology widely used in games (“flow”), this talk asks: what’s Zen about Zen games? How do they participate in McMindfulness? What role does orientalism play in all this? And can we really use Zen thought to study videogames?

Víctor Navarro-Remesal is a game scholar and a specialist in East Asia. He teaches Videogames, Interactive Narrative, and Animated Cinema at CESAG (Comillas Pontifical University) in Palma (Spain). His research interests are player freedom, Zen-inspired games, gêmu, and game preservation.

OASIS Lunch Time Talks is a series of lectures on current research by fascinating scholars from near and far. 


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