Globelics Academy 2019

Innovation Studies Group (ISG) has organized an international doctoral summer school on innovation and development every second year since 2008. The two-week summer school is called Globelics Academy (GA) as it originates from and is connected to the worldwide research network Globelics, bringing together scholars working on issues related to innovation and development.

ISG organizes the 14th edition of the GA in Tampere in August (13th to 22nd)
with 24 PhD students coming from Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon,
Chile, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda,
South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Uruguay.

The aim of the Globelics Academy PhD School is to support the
training of PhD students from all over the world writing theses on
issues related to innovation systems and development. The Academy brings
together frontier researchers in innovation with PhD students from the
South and the North to inspire and qualify their work as well as to help
them to join high quality research networks in their field of research.
GA aims at improving students’ ability to undertake theoretically
informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related with
innovation in firms and societies, and its relationship with economic
and broader social development.

During the two weeks, the PhD students will attend lectures taught by
the leading scholars of the field. Each of the students will present
their own work related to their thesis. In addition, there will be
different kinds of workshops as well as lectures by practitioners,
shedding light on a variety of perspectives in the field of innovation.

However, it is not only about classrooms and learning. Two weeks of
the Academy have always meant new friendships, and for many, this might
be the first travel abroad and to a very distant country, which can also
be an experience as such. 


Innovation studies group (ISG)

Further information

Mika Kautonen (mika.kautonen@tuni.fi)