Experiences of Dis/ability from the Late Middle Ages to the Mid-Twentieth Century

Kansainvälisen konferenssin järjestävät Suomen Akatemian Kokemuksen historian huippuyksikkö ja Lived Religion -tutkimusryhmä.

In recent decades, dis/ability history has become an important field in its own right, standing at the crossroads of the social history of medicine, the history of minorities and the history of everyday life.

Conceptions of and attitudes to physical and mental wellbeing and to difference are and have always been key elements in any human society, while the lived experience of dis/ability has varied across societies and time periods, but also depending on the person’s socioeconomic status, age, gender, and the nature of the impairment. Experiences of disability, whether personal or communal, have long continuities in the past, but they have also changed dramatically with the development of medical science and institutionalized care.


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