Criticism and controversies in, around and about medicine

Webinar: Criticism and controversies in, around and about medicine

Criticism of medicine is a long-term societal phenomenon. The value and importance of vaccines, medicines and medical treatments has been questioned throughout medical history. The current Covid 19 -pandemic has brought this criticism and questioning to the front and related issues are frequently debated in the media. This seminar discusses criticism and controversies in, around and about medicine as broad societal phenomena that reflect the changing status of expertise and multiple forms of contestation of expert knowledge in contemporary societies. The presentations of the seminar deepen understanding on the beliefs and attitudes towards human and animal vaccinations, and also more broadly on the perceptions about medicine and medical knowledge production among the general public and the medical establishment.

10.00-10.10 Pia Vuolanto (Tampere University): Welcome and introduction to the seminar

10.10-11.00 Pru Hobson-West (University of Nottingham, UK)

Controversies in human and animal vaccination: Exploring constructions of risk, trust and science

11.00-11.30 Johanna Nurmi (University of Turku)

Building ‘natural’ immunities: Cultivation of human-microbe relations in vaccine-refusing families

11.30-12.00 Break 

12.00-12.30 Suvi Rytty and Johanna Nurmi (University of Turku), Pia Vuolanto (Tampere University)

Not only a better society but a better world – Natural lifestyle as a tool for social criticism from the early 20th century to the present day

12.30-13.00 Linda Karlsson (University of Turku)

Jiu Jitsu with misinformation in the age of Covid-19

13.00-13.30 Discussion and end of seminar

Zoom link: https://tuni.zoom.us/j/64398667505?pwd=UUo4MEgwL1lEQjlwUGIxU2FXRm5xZz09

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