Multidisciplinary fund


Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Almost all internationally recognised fields of study are represented at our University. Our crosscutting research supports the ecological, economic, social, and cultural development of a vibrant society.

The purpose of the Multidisciplinary fund is to support multidisciplinary openings in research and education, thereby strengthening well-being, education and critical thinking across the boundaries of science and art.

Donate to Tampere University’s Multidisciplinary fund by bank transfer to one of the following bank accounts:

FI24 1782 3000 0144 94, NDEAFIHH
FI35 8214 5710 0216 21, DABAFIHH
FI26 5730 0820 8699 45, OKOYFIHH


Tampere University Foundation sr

Please add the following in the message field:

Donation: donor’s name, contact details and the target of the donation, eg “multidisciplinary”

Bestowing your donation to fields of study

You can bestow your donation to the Multidisciplinary fund by mentioning the fund in the message field or the deed of donation.

Deed of donation

Please note that a deed of donation is needed for all donations of €850 or more. With the deed of donation, we can ensure that your donation is correctly processed for tax deductions.

In the deed of donation, you may tell us how you want to bestow you donation.

Download the deed of donation here.

Fundraising licence

Tampere University has a fundraising licence. The fundraising licence number is RA/2018/936.