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Taru Lehtinen

Student, Doctoral Research
Tampere University
phone number+358503016638
Hervanta Campus

About me

Taru Lehtinen (née Lindberg) is a housing design teacher and PhD student at Tampere University School of Architecture. 

My special interest is in architectural spatial design solutions and occupancy for ecological sustainability in housing design. Ecological sustainability focus is related to energy efficiency and operational carbon footprint of the buildings, not forgetting the essential qualitative factors such as delight and human well-being. As a housing design teacher, in turns, my interest is to share up-to-date knowledge in teaching, working interactively with the students. 

Research topics

Housing Design


Energy Efficiency

Carbon Footprint

Spatial Design


Research unit

ASUTUT – Sustainable Housing Design

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

​Lindberg, T., Kaasalainen, T., Moisio, M., Mäkinen, A., Hedman, M. & Vinha, J. (2018) Potential of space zoning for energy efficiency through utilization efficiency. Advances in Building Energy Research, Taylor & Francis, DOI:

Kaasalainen, T., Mäkinen, A., Lehtinen, M., Moisio, M. & Vinha, J. (2020) Architectural window design and energy efficiency: Impacts on heating, cooling and lighting needs in Finnish climates. Journal of Building engineering, 27. DOI: 

Selected other publications

Moisio, M., Kaasalainen, T., Lehtinen, T. & Hedman, M. (2018) Energiatehokkaan arkkitehtisuunnittelun ohjekortisto. [Instruction card file for energy efficient architectural design.] Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Asuntosuunnittelu, julkaisu 32. 148 p. 

Lehtinen, T., Papinsaari, A., Kaasalainen, T., Moisio, M. & Hedman, M. (2018) Peruskoulut ja energiatehokkuus – Tilallisista ja toiminnallisista suunnitteluperiaatteista. [Comprehensive schools and energy efficiency – On spatial and functional design principles.] Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Asuntosuunnittelu, julkaisu 34. 

Kaasalainen, T., Lehtinen, T., Moisio, M. & Hedman, M. (2018) Ikääntyneiden tehostettu palveluasuminen – Tilallisten ratkaisujen tehokkuudesta ja toimivuudesta. [Assisted living for the elderly – On the efficiency and functionality of spatial design solutions.] Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Asuntosuunnittelu, julkaisu 33. 

Lindberg, T. (2015) Vihreä asuinkerrostalo: Selvitys ekologisen asuinkerrostalon passiivisista suunnitteluratkaisuista energiatehokkuuden ja hiilijalanjäljen näkökulmista. [Green Apartment Block: A report of ecological apartment block's passive design strategies in energy efficiency and carbon footprint perspectives.] Master's Thesis. Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture, Housing Design, Publication; no 21, 325 p.