Tampere Summer School: Student testimonials and publications

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In 2019, over 300 students from 50 countries took part in Tampere Summer School. Read what they and participants of Tampere Summer School 2018 thought about their experience! See also some of the publications and blogs of previous Summer School courses.

Student testimonials

"Tampere Summer School was an amazing opportunity to learn in a highly international environment.  The fellow students were from all over the world and incredible to meet.  The instructors were all supportive and engaging.  Over all I would highly recommend the Tampere Summer School to anyone interested in learning while traveling!"  Leland, United States

"Tampere Summer School is a good way to meet new people and get used to the university before the classes start. The course gave me a very good overview of the topic and taught the main concepts, raising my interest on it and allowing me to do further research on my own." Mariana, Brazil

"I see summer school as a divine possibility of friendship and learning."  Thakuri, Nepal

"The Tampere Summer School was a great opportunity for me to meet friends, explore the beauty of Tampere, and explore my academic interests. The social programme was well organized, and provided a variety of options from watching a movie with your school mates to going on a canoe trip. The course I took provided me with more knowledge than I thought I could learn in such a short period. I would recommend the Tampere Summer School to anyone, from anywhere! It is easy to make friends from all around the world, and a great opportunity to learn something new!" Hilary, Canada

"The Tampere Summer School was a wonderful start to my semester abroad. The classes were very interesting and the social programme allowed me to meet many people and relax after class. All in all a well spent summer!" Julia, Germany

"Tampere Summer School was very well organized, I have been to Finland two times before, but this time I truly experienced life in  Finland, how school would be like, and I made friends from all over the world, had a great time here. The Summer School is one of the best way to glance at Finnish language, culture and life style, love it here!"  Bohui, China

"Tampere Summer School was an awesome experience! I have learned so much in these two weeks - inside and outside the classroom. By taking part in the social events like the Finnish food evening and Finnish sauna event, I was able to get an insight into the Finnish way of life. And what can I say? I loved it!" Marina, Germany

"Tampere Summer School was an inspiring way to deep dive into the subject of your interest while getting to know fascinating personalities from all over the world!"  Elina, Finland

Publications and blogs

Dialogue: constructive talk at work (2019)
Urban Sense: exploring and designing multi-sensory cities (2019)