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Tampere Summer School: Costs and cancellation

Tampere Universities postpones Tampere Summer School for 2022. Tampere Summer School has been jointly organised by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences since 2018. Stay tuned for information of our future summer plans.

Course fees

Tampere Summer School course fees are:

  • 350 euros for a course of 2 ECTS 
  • 525 euros for a course of 3 ECTS 
  • 700 euros for a course of 4 ECTS 
  • 875 euros for a course of 5 ECTS 

Tampere Summer School online course fees are:

  • 263 euros for a course of 2 ECTS
  • 394 euros for a course of 3 ECTS
  • 525 euros for a course of 4 ECTS
  • 656 euros for a course of 5 ECTS

NOTE! Tampere Summer School fee is paid when confirming your participation. The payment is made with a credit card (no additional charges). Finnish participants can also choose online banking as their payment method.

The course fee includes:

  • registration to the course
  • guidance and service
  • info package
  • teaching
  • study facilities
  • transcript 
  • certificate (for external students only)

Please note that accommodation and meals are NOT included in the course fee.

For partner universities

  • if you are a student at one of Tampere University's or Tampere University of Applied Sciences' international partner universities and nominated by your home university you are eligible for a 50% discount of our original course fees
  • if you are not sure whether your university is a partner or not, the best way to find out is to contact your local international office
  • partner universities are welcome to nominate student at summerschool [at] 

The courses are free of charge for

  • degree students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, registered as 'present' for the academic year 2022-2023 (including new degree students starting their studies in autumn 2022 and PhD students)
  • exchange students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences nominated for an exchange period for autumn 2022

Cancellation policy

Students who have been admitted and registered (= final confirmation) to Tampere Summer School 2022 may cancel their participation before the cancellation deadline 27 June 2022. Tampere Summer School will refund the course fee, minus 50 euros for banking and administrative costs.

Written cancellation must be sent to the Summer School email (summerschool [at] by the given deadline. After the cancellation deadline nothing of the course fee will be refunded. The same policy applies if you are forced to cancel because you did not receive a visa.

Please note that Tampere Summer School reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum amount of students is not reached.

Other costs


Depending on the type of accommodation, the fee for housing for two weeks is approximately 340 euros. Please see Accommodation info for further details.

Social programme

The Tampere Summer School Social Programme includes activities that are free of charge and activities that are chargeable. Please see the entire Social Programme for further details.

Enrolment is required for all activities and events. Selected Summer School students will received enrolment instructions in June.

Please note that all fees for Social Programme activities are non-refundable!

Lunch on campus

Summer School students have a variety of lunch options available on campus. A meal in a university cafeteria (including drinks and salad) costs 2,70 euros for degree and exchange students in Finland and 7,70 euros for external students.