Studying in Finland

Finland is a land of peace and quiet, lakes and forests. In international rankings of education systems, the Finnish system is TOP of the class!

In Finland, you can witness all of our four seasons, since they are all truly unique. There is a beautiful, lush summer with astonishing midnight sun; colorful, crisp autumn; a perfectly white winter wonderland, and finally – light's promise and nature's awakening: the spring.

Finnish higher educational institutions are mostly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the quality of teaching is carefully overseen. Higher education institutions react to the needs of the society, business and industry in their curricula and teaching.

Why Tampere

The city of Tampere with its 230 000 inhabitants is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. In Tampere every sixth resident is a student which contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city. It’s also visible in good student housing facilities, a plethora of student events, and discounts for students in shops and services around the city.  Did you know that there are 8000 festivals and events in Tampere each year?

Tampere's secret? Too pragmatic for perfectionism, you'll find a laid-back version of the Finnish way of life. Fantastically functional and conveniently compact, there's room for everything and everyone in Tampere - open-minded for your dreams and aspirations. – Visit Tampere