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Student life in Tampere

At Tampere university community our communal culture is built on active student participation. Our shared values are proactivity, a keen interest in the activities of our university community, a sense of responsibility, a commitment to effective academic progress and learning, and peer networking. Our students are actively involved in development activities that concern them.

Studying in Tampere

Tampere has been ranked No. 1 in the national survey of best study places in Finland! Tampere is a very lively city with plenty of choices for freetime activities, events, live music and possibility to easily get around by bike or on foot. But what makes us the most attractive place to study are the numerous different options to combine studies from a variety of disciplines, the central location of all our campuses and short distance to Helsinki and other major cities in Finland.Studying at Tampere Universities

Student housing

There are plenty of possibilities to find a place to stay in Tampere. Tampere Student Housing Foundation and several rental companies as well as private providers offer housing for students. Affordable living costs are one of the reasons why students choose Tampere.Student Housing

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Student health care

Student healthcare providers offer targeted low-threshold services designed to provide long-term health benefits for students. The range of services includes general health care, dental care and mental health services.Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) for Tampere University studentsTampere City Student Health Care for TAMK students (until 31 Dec 2020)Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) for TAMK students (from 1 Jan 2021)


Student Union and organizations

Tampere Universities have two student unions, one for students at Tampere University (TREY) and one for students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMKO). There are field-specific student organizations as well. TREY and TAMKO both protect the interests of students, provide services for members and foster a sense of community among students.TREY for University students

TAMKO for University of Applied Sciences students