Open higher education studies

Welcome to open higher education! You can study parts of higher education degrees at the open UAS and open university regardless of your age or basic education. Both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences organise open higher education.

You can choose individual study units or study modules from the degree studies. The studies suit you if you want to strengthen your professional competence, develop your knowledge and skills or apply to be a degree student later.

In open higher education, you mainly study in the same groups as the degree students but in some study units or modules separate groups are organised for open higher education students. There are no basic education requirements but preliminary competence is required in some study units.

Route and path studies

Route and path studies suit you if you want to apply to be a degree student later. We offer route or path studies for some degree programmes. It is possible to apply to be a degree student based on the route or path studies. The studies mainly consist of first-year studies of the degree programme.

Application to route or path studies takes place with the registration form available in the degree programme description.

Open UAS path studies

Open university route studies