Tampere Summer School

Nordic Welfare Model and Social Services in Transition - Tampere Summer School

Language of instruction: English

Number of ECTS: 5

Course code: SOSKV1

Discipline: Social sciences, Social policy

Level of studies: Basic

Min-max number of students: 10-25



Application period



0-600 euros


The course introduces the welfare state and especially the Nordic and Finnish welfare state from historical and present day perspective. The course provides an introductory overview to the foundations of Nordic welfare state as well as to the main reforms and transitions that are implemented along marketization of the public services.

Teaching timetable. 


Students understand the general features of and the argumentation for the welfare state and especially the Nordic welfare model, as well as the latest transitions in the Nordic model. Students are capable of evaluating the basics of different social policy models between different welfare states.

Assessment methods

Evaluation will be based on essay.

Evaluation scale: 1-5

Additional information

In questions concerning course content, please contact teacher Olli Karsio: olli.karsio@tuni.fi

How to apply

Application information can be found here