Tampere Summer School

Introduction to Social Circus Pedagogy - Tampere Summer School

Language of instruction: English

Number of ECTS: 5

Course code: KASVAL/EDUM41

Discipline: Education and Culture

Level of studies: Basic

Min-max number of students: 10-22




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Social circus is a measure of intervention based on the combination of circus arts and social-pedagogy. It targets various at-risk groups in order to support the empowerment and emancipation of individuals and assist with participants’ personal and social development by nurturing their self-esteem and trust in others, as well as by helping them to acquire social skills, express their creativity and realize their potential in order to become active citizens. 

In this approach, the primary goal is not to learn the circus arts, but rather to create social change helping marginalized individuals assume their place in a society. Various studies indicate that the socio-pedagogical and welfare impacts of Social Circus are undeniable.

Teaching timetable. 


On completion of the course the students are expected to   

  • Know the historical background, theoretical principles and practical applications of social circus pedagogy
  • Know  the main competences expected from social circus trainers and the multiple working areas of social circus
  • Plan, provide and assess pedagogically a tentative learning session of social circus
  • Find more research based information on this issue and know where and how Social Circus Pedagogy can be learned more about

Assessment methods

Evaluation will be based on continuous assessment, completion of tasks (specific criteria given with tasks).

Evaluation scale: Pass/Fail

Additional information

In questions concerning course content, please contact teacher Tea Seppälä: tea.seppala@tuni.fi

How to apply

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