Teemakuva keskustelutilaisuus tutkimusjulkaisujen avoimen saatavuuden kansallisen strategian toimenpideohjelmasta 3.6.
Degree programme

Information Security, Information Technology

Proving that Cyber Security is not an illusion

Security and privacy are fundamental concepts in the digital age. Real world implications and applications are everywhere around us: the browser you use to shop over the Internet, the mobile phone you hold conversations over, the bank card in your wallet, the way you travel, the car keys in your pocket, to casting electronic votes.

Master's Programme in Information Security offers both breadth and depth in education to students, providing them with diverse career opportunities. Preliminary courses provide essential security and privacy skills, and subsequent courses allow students to specialize in specific security and privacy domains. The demand for security professionals has never been higher, and is growing at an astounding pace!

Our Information Security research spans from theoretical to applied aspects of security and privacy, and everywhere in between. Our research appears in globally top ranked venues such as IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, and USENIX Security Symposium, to name a few – major recruiting outlets for both industry and academia. Our research projects are financed ranging from Business Finland, Academy of Finland, Horizon 2020, to the European Research Council. Please see additional information on Network and Information Security Group (NISEC).

Students completing our programme have wealth of career options, ranging from industry security professionals to continuing on the research path in our doctoral programme, driven by our research-based teaching methods.