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Limitations on granting a new right to study

If you are currently studying towards a degree at Tampere University (or have been granted the right to study towards a degree at the former University of Tampere or Tampere University of Technology), Tampere University’s Degree Regulations (chapter 4, section 11) set out some limitations on granting you a new right to study. This page offers you more information about the limitations and also includes some concrete examples. The information is designed to help you determine whether you are eligible to apply but does not include any implications on the likelihood of being accepted.

(These limitations do not apply to you if you do not hold the right to study towards a degree at Tampere University but are, for example, completing courses at the Open University.) 

Please note also the criteria for student selection and granting new rights to study described in the student selection criteria of programmes. This page only describes limitations set out in the degree regulations.

Restoring your right to study and applying for an extension

Students cannot have their time limit for degree completion extended by applying for readmission to their existing degree programme. If you are approaching the time limit for completing your degree, you must apply for an extension. If you have not registered for the academic year before the deadline and have therefore lost your right to study, you must apply to restore your right to study instead of seeking readmission through the regular application process.