Application Process

Ready to apply? Great! Here you can find all the necessary information. And at any point in your application process, do not hesitate to contact us!

Application Step-by-Step

  1. Check your eligibility for the degree programme of your choice
  2. Read admission criteria carefully
  3. Prepare and send the pre-task by the deadline
  4. Apply via portal during 4 December 2018 - 23 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) 
  5. Upload requested attachments to your application
  6. Apply for special arrangements (only if needed)
  7. Take part in the online interview
  8. Accept the offered study place
  9. Pay the tuition fee if needed
  10. Register as present (you may register as absent for the first academic year for the legal reasons only)
  11. Join the TAMK community!

Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for a TAMK Master's degree programme, you must hold a specific Bachelor's or other suitable higher education degree AND have a minimum of three years (36 months) work experience in the field AFTER the completion of the degree. Please look for the detailed requirements on each programmes' webpage > How to apply > Eligibility criteria.

Read Admission Criteria Carefully

Applicants are ranked and admitted based on the points from the online interview/entrance examination or based on the combined amount of points from the pre-task and the online interview.

Applicants will be invited to online interview/entrance examination based on the quality of their pre-task. The pre-task must be uploaded to the application by 30 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) according to the given instructions.

Based on the pre-task, all passing or a selected amount of the best-performing applicants are invited to an online interview/entrance examination. It is possible to score maximum of 50 points from the pre-task. Minimum of 10 points are required in order for the pre-task to be accepted.

Online interviews/entrance examinations will be arranged between 18 - 22 February 2019.

Selection between Applicants with Equal Points

If two or more applicants earn the same points, they will be ranked on the following bases:

  1. points of online interview/entrance examination
  2. order of preference

If the admission points are still tied after ranking applicants based on the above-mentioned criteria, the application system will automatically draw the order.

Prepare the Pre-Task

FIRST prepare the pre-task following the given instructions AND THEN submit the official online application by 23 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time). The pre-task must be uploaded to the application by 30 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time).

The pre-task instructions will be published by 4 December 2018 on each programmes' webpage.

Submit the Online Application

The electronic application form is available during the application period 4 December - 23 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) in the portal.

Please note that in the portal, your e-mail address is only valid for filling out one application. You cannot fill out additional applications with the same e-mail address.

The order of preference is binding and it cannot be changed after the application period ends. You can be admitted to only one study place. The application system will offer a study place which is highest on your order of preference, and to which you have received enough admission points in order to be admitted.

Upload the Required Application Documents

Every applicant has to upload the needed documentation to the application by 30 January (3 pm Finnish time). Please find more information on page Application documents.

Apply for Special Arrangements (Only if Needed)

If you have special needs which should be taken into account when arranging your online interview/entrance exam, please fill in the application form and deliver it with the other required enclosures to TAMK Admissions Office by 30 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time).

You need to describe your special needs and the grounds for special arrangements in the application. Please enclose any relevant copies (e.g. medical certificate).

If you do not deliver the application in time, TAMK has no responsibility to make any special arrangements. If the need for special arrangements arises or is discovered between the end of the application period (23 January 2019) and the online interview/entrance exam, you must deliver the special arrangement application without delay to TAMK Admissions Office.

The special arrangement decision only applies to one application round.

Online Interviews/Entrance Examination

Based on the quality of the pre-task, only passing or some of the best-performing applicants will be invited to the online interview/entrance examination. Invitations will be sent by e-mail in mid-February 2019.

The online interview is tied together with the pre-task and will test applicants' motivation and suitability to the field of study. Applicants will be alloted a time between 18 - 22 February 2019. Applicants invited to the online interview must be prepared to be interviewed (i.e. have a computer with a microphone and a camera available) at the given time.

Please note that

  • Interviews/exams will be arranged during office hours Finnish time
  • The given interview time slot cannot be changed.
  • If you qualify for the online interview, you will be sent a link by e-mail to a virtual meeting room via Adobe Connect for the interview
  • You are responsible for having a working internet connection.

Results of Student Selection - Confirm Your Study Place

Results for August 2019 intake will be published around 15 March 2019.

All applicants

  • See their results by logging in to portal
  • Receive an e-mail/a letter stating their result and points

Admitted applicants

  • Receive also a notice of admittance by e-mail
  • Must confirm the offered study place in time

Admitted applicants must confirm their study place by 8 July 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) by logging in to portal or by filling in TAMK's own eForm. If the confirmation has not been done by the set date and time, the applicant will lose the offered study place.

Non-EU/EEA students: To qualify for the TAMK's Early Bird -scholarship you must have TAMK as your first choice institution in Finland and accept the offered study place within 7 days!

Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled.

If you are later admitted from the waiting list, you have 10 days to confirm your study place. Please read your e-mail regularly in order to receive the possible admittance e-mail in time. The final day of admittance is 31 July 2019.

Original Certificates

The original certificates will be checked at the beginning of the studies. Student admission is conditional until TAMK has checked the admitted students' certificates at the beginning of the studies.

Original certificate delivery instructions are given in the admission letter. TAMK may withdraw the admission if you do not deliver the certificates by the set date or if you have given false information.

One Study Place

You can only accept one study place among Master's/Bachelor's degrees in Finland starting during the same academic year (1 Aug-31 Dec/1 Jan-31 Jul). Even if you register as absent or quit your studies, you cannot accept another study place during the same academic year.

Applicants who are accepted to the degree programme which they placed in highest place in the order of preference on the application form, can no longer choose a study place from lower preference options at confirmation stage.

This is to ensure that as many applicants as possible get a study place every year.

Enroll for Studies

When accepting the study place, you also have to register as present or absent to your studies at TAMK in

According to Finnish law, a first-year student may register as absent for the first academic year for the following reasons only:

  1. Finnish military service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service (194/1995);
  2. maternity, paternity or parental leave;
  3. the student cannot begin studies due to being incapacitated by personal illness or injury.

If you register as absent, you must prove the legal grounds for your absence. TAMK requires you to present these documents by 8 July 2019 (3 pm Finnish time). Documents must be delivered to TAMK Admissions Office.

If you register as absent in your first academic year, but fail to deliver sufficient clarification regarding the grounds for your absence within the deadline, you will lose your right to study.


If you believe that there has been a mistake in the student selection or the set admission criteria have not been applied correctly, you can submit a written request for rectification of the student selection decision addressed to TAMK Board of Examiners within 14 days after the student selection results have been published.

Always check the admission criteria of the programme first and contact TAMK Admissions Office before writing the request. If the issue cannot be solved by the admissions officials, you are advised to submit a written request for rectification.

Form and content of request for an administrative review:

The document requesting an administrative review shall indicate the particular decision for which the review is requested, the amendment that is being sought in the review requested and the grounds for requesting the review. (Administrative Procedure Act, Section 49d)