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Studying in Tampere - for exchange students

Study in Tampere and you can experience the best our city has to offer, such as quality education and spectacular nature. The multidisciplinary, international Tampere Summer School is organised annually in August (next time maybe in 2024) and all the courses are free of charge for all exchange students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

Why Tampere is the best place for exchange students

The city of Tampere with its 250 000 inhabitants is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. In Tampere every sixth resident is a student which contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city. It’s also visible in good student housing facilities, a plethora of student events, and discounts for students in shops and services around the city.

Our students love the fact that they can enjoy a bit of city life with plenty of cultural events and simultaneously make use of Tampere's unique opportunities for outdoor adventures and great connections to Lapland, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn.

Tampere University rankings

  • Overall ranking worldwide: 301-350 (Times Higher Education)
  • Best young universities worldwide: 54 (Times Higher Education)
  • Best young universities wordwide, millenials: 12 (Times Higher Education)
  • Global world ranking: 415 (The QS World University Ranking)

Quality education with great student benefits

Tampere University and TAMK offer quality tuition-free exchange studies to exchange students from around the world. While Finland’s high quality of life goes hand-in-hand with a higher cost of living, the cost of living in Tampere are not that high as in the Helsinki region and is compensated for by student card benefits such as affordable buffet lunches at the university (about 3 €), quality health care close by, efficient public transport that includes a tramway, affordable student housing and ready access to the natural environment. The library services and all course books are always free of charge and you have a 24/7 access to many university and library premises.

What can you study in Tampere?

Together Tampere University and TAMK constitute Finland’s second most international and diverse university community. The areas of focus in our multi-disciplinary community’s research and education are technology, health and society.

We have roughly 50 degree programmes taught in English within the fields of humanities, natural and technical sciences, social sciences and, as well as fine art and design. Some courses are also open for exchange students and as an exchange student at TAMK or Tampere University, you are entitled to seek studies at the study offerings of other campuses and institutions.

A great deal of academic freedom and flexibility

The Finnish system of academic education gives students a great deal of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. The hierarchy is low, no titles are used in discussions and most teachers and other staff can be called by their first name. It is also possible to complete courses through independent study that may, for example, involve independent reading of literature included in the course requirements followed by an exam. Such exams can be also taken independently as electronic exams or writing an essay on the topics defined by the lecturer may also suffice to complete some courses. Through extensive group work studies and project-based learning our students acquire valuable competencies for working life.

Our academic approach puts you at the center of your own learning process. Rather than requiring you to absorb information, we value you as a contributor to our academic community and expect you to actively participate in classes. We want you yourself to discover the central point in the issues you are studying, to bring your own perspective into discussions, to question what you learn, and to build a convincing argument.

Extremely good English language proficiency

Students from outside Northern Europe who are considering studying in Tampere may be concerned that there will be a language barrier as Finnish language does not sound very familiar. However, Finns generally have very high English language proficiency, and learn English at school even from the age of six. In fact, most Finns are fluent speakers of English.

What is special about Tampere?

Finland is known worldwide as a peaceful and safe democratic country that favours gender equality and free education. At the same time, nature is always close by and the conserving the environment is another core value. Tampere has environmentally friendly and accessible tramway, which gives excellent connections between campuses. Tampere University and TAMK have both received the Fair Trade campus designation, which demonstrates that our institutions are committed to promoting global sustainability. Tampere University, TAMK and the City of Tampere are all committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Finland, as a country, strives to become one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare societies, reaching carbon neutrality by 2035. The attainment of the carbon neutrality goal is to be secured by law, through a revision of the Climate Act.

Tampere University and TAMK have very modern facilities to support your studies including IT services, libraries, the FabLab, sports centers and diverse campus restaurants offering quality food at affordable student prices. We offer different learning spaces, such as group study rooms, 3D printers and virtual reality devices for the students - some of the services are available 24/7 for our exchange students.

We organise a Welcome Week for all exchange students as well as tutoring and activities and support services provided by numerous student and hobby associations and a Student Union.

And finally, Finland is one of the best countries in the world

Finland’s commitments to its values, its citizens and its institutions have led to its predominance in many international rankings, among them that Finland is/has:

  • the most stable nation in the world (Fragile States Index)
  • the cleanest air in the world (World Health Organization)
  • the safest country in the world (World Economic Forum)
  • the happiest country in the world (Sustainable Development Solutions Network / World Happiness Report)
  • the least corrupt countries in the world (Corruption Perceptions Index)

To learn more on how great we are, please see the Good news from Finland page.