Courses for exchange students at Tampere Universities

Although the three higher education institutions in Tampere formed a new community in January 2019, the course selection still follows the former distinction of having three separate universities. In other words, students can not freely select courses from all campuses.

Despite these limitations, there are some English-taught courses open to students from all campuses on the Cross-Campus Study Service.

First select the correct option below according to which Tampere institution originally had an agreement with your home university: (if you are unsure of which one is correct, contact your exchange coordinator).

City centre and Kauppi campuses (former University of Tampere)

In the Teaching Schedules, the courses for exchange students are listed in the sections titled Courses offered in English, Free Choice Studies and Optional Studies (listed separately for each faculty and various degree programmes).

For each course, you should also confirm whether it is available for exchange students by 1) clicking on the course name, and then 2) clicking below Course unit descriptions in the curriculum to see if exchange students are mentioned, and 3) confirming that the language of instruction is English.

Please note that the English Language, Literature and Translation courses are only for students who pass the proficiency evaluation test held in Tampere during the Welcome Week. However, there is no proficiency test for Language Centre English courses.

    Hervanta campus (former Tampere University of Technology)

    The study fields available for exchange students whose home university originally had an agreement with Tampere University of Technology are: Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Information and Knowledge Management, Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.  

    Courses in English are listed in the Study Guide (published later in the spring). Please read carefully the course descriptions and note that there are also courses intended only for our degree students. Check also the course prerequisites. Students are not required to have passed the exact prerequisite courses at Tampere University but you must have equivalent knowledge from previous studies. You can choose courses from all study fields, except architecture courses as they are only intended for students majoring in architecture.

    You are advised to prepare a flexible study plan, as admission cannot be guaranteed due to the limited number of places available, especially for language courses. Courses marked P1-P2 are organised in the autumn and P3-P4 during the spring semester. 

    Thesis and project work always require a special arrangement. The master's thesis (30 ECTS) process takes at least 7-12 months and is not usually possible to complete in one semester. Students who want to complete their thesis during the exchange study period will only be admitted as exchange students if they have a designated supervisor for their thesis at the time applying. Students who succeed to find a placement and supervisor will need to apply as exchange students via the normal procedure and before the deadline.

    The exchange students admitted to Tampere University Pori campus can select courses from their interdisciplinary Course Catalogue. Tampere University Pori campus operates under the University Consortium Pori (UCPori) to which University of Turku School of Economics also belongs. The city of Pori is located 100 km from Tampere and therefore the students admitted to Pori cannot attend lectures at the campuses located in Tampere.

      Tampere University of Applied Sciences

      Exchange students can choose courses from their field of study and from free-elective courses. The Learning Agreement is preliminary until confirmed by the TAMK coordinator after the student’s arrival. 

      Academic networks: online courses for exchange students

      Tampere University has joined several online studies networks which offer a wide range of courses that combine the expertise of different universities. There is no course fee but please note the application periods and possible prerequisites for each course.

      Circumpolar Studies

      Learn about the lands, peoples and issues of the Circumpolar North and prepare yourself for advanced study or professional employment in fields such as sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering and northern tourism. Special emphasis is given to matters concerning indigenous peoples of the Circumpolar North. The courses are offered online and on-site at participating UArctic member institutions, more information at: Participate in Circumpolar Studies and Core Course Materials.

      Application period: August-September (autumn semester), December-January (spring semester)

      How to apply: Pre-registration is required and space is limited. The complete application instructions are published in the Student's Desktop during the application period. Remember to also contact your home institution to confirm the credit transfer of Circumpolar Studies courses.

      Contact person: Igor Tanskanen

      Co-op Network Studies

      Co-op Network Studies include multidisciplinary studies in co-operative and social economy as well as developing research and teaching in the field. At the core are the ideas of cooperation and cooperative business models. The courses are provided in collaboration with other network universities and experts in cooperation and collective economy. 

      Finland Futures Academy

      Finland Futures Academy (FFA) is a national university study and research network focusing on futures research. The network is coordinated by the University of Turku’s Finland Futures Research Centre and features 10 member universities. 

      UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development

      UniPID offers virtual courses on sustainable development and promotes multidisciplinary global development-related education, research and universities’ social impact. The network offers a diverse range of five-credit virtual courses that are free to all students of UniPID member universities and can be counted towards both bachelor’s and master’s level degrees.

      Apply at
      Contact person: Anna Wansén-Kaseva.

      Asianet - Finnish University Network for Asian Studies

      Asianet offers courses at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. All tuition is organised through the Moodle online learning environment. The courses comprise lectures, book exams, online exercises and essays. The course topics cover East, Southeast and South Asian societies, cultures and economics. The next application round will be in autumn 2019.