Degree programme

Engineering Materials Science


Solving issues of human welfare

Our ambitious and fascinating mission is to identify and develop the best possible materials for different applications in all aspects of life.

We utilise new breakthrough materials to address future challenges related to the environment, energy and human welfare.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to understand the technical and economic challenges faced by the industry, analyse and refine them into research questions, and apply scientific methods to resolve the challenges and improve the competitiveness and performance of materials in engineering applications.

We develop solutions for all materials used in industrial applications, such as metals, ceramics, elastomers, composites and paper-based materials, as well as study and develop different engineering coatings and surfaces. We take pride in our excellent quality of education; our teachers, laboratories and research are at the cutting edge of materials science in Finland.

Our master's students focus either on metallic and ceramic materials or polymeric materials, and the programme provides a solid foundation for research-minded students to continue their studies towards a doctoral degree. We also offer you the opportunity to complete a double degree and thereby gain international experience that helps you stand out in today's challenging job market.