Degree programme

Electrical Engineering - Smart Grids

Smart grids for smart people and smart systems

Smart grids are a new way of designing and managing electrical power systems.

Smart grids are designed to enhance the effectiveness, stability and reliability of the systems and to integrate distributed energy resources into system management. They are essential for increasing the share of renewable energy sources without compromising competitiveness and system security.

The Master's Degree Programme in Smart Grids develops systems thinking skills and provides students with a comprehensive range of technical design and analysis skills. Suitable backgrounds include Bachelor of Science (Technology) degrees in electrical power engineering, power electronics, electricity markets or renewable energy sources.

After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in different fields of electric power systems and smart grids. You will have the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in industry or continue your studies towards a doctorate. Please see additional information on Electric power systems and Smart GridsGrid-Connected Power ElectronicSocial Energy - Prosumer Centric Energy Ecosystem (ProCem) and Finnish Solar Revolution (FSR).