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Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences

rakenteinen kirjaaminen

High-quality research for your health

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology invests in high-quality research. The aim is to produce excellent, innovative, internationally known and impressive research data and new innovations that can be used in health care and society more broadly. The Faculty focuses on multidisciplinary research training in medicine, translational medicine, clinical medicine, molecular biology, biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, cell biology and systems biology. The Programme offers high-quality doctoral education and produces competitive research specialists and experts.

Health care structures are changing and, regardless of the way health care and its funding are organised, high-quality scientific research and doctoral training is needed to assure patient care, which requires medical expertise, developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and their evidence-based application. The objective of the Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences is to develop innovative, high-quality and internationally renowned doctoral education and research to be applied in health care.

The Programme offers the following degree options: Doctor of Medical Science (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc). An intermediate degree of Licentiate of Philosophy (PhL) or Licentiate of Health Sciences is also an option.

Graduates from the Programme have smoothly transitioned to working life. The training also includes study modules on general professional skills, such as written and oral communication skills, and project management, problem solving and teamwork skills.