Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Interactive Technology


Where humans meet technology

The Doctoral Programme in Interactive Technology prepares the students for demanding research and product development tasks related to the interaction between humans and technology. The nature of the field is strongly multidisciplinary, and it requires the management of several research methods and perspectives. It is closely related to computer, information, technical-natural and human sciences. The essential objectives of the programme include the innovation, research and development of new interaction and user interface technologies in ways which allow them to fit natural human behaviour as well as possible and to support multimodal and multisensory operations in technological environments. Doctors in the field have good employment opportunities because of the ever increasing, developing, and renewing technologies and ways of utilisation.

The range of research methods in the field is extensive, and the field can be approached from many kinds of scientific backgrounds. A researcher who has earned the doctoral degree is able to specify and define scientific research questions and choose the methods suitable for those questions, is aware of the background literature and theories in his/her own speciality as well as the common research questions and methods in the field. In the field of interactive technology, research and product development are intertwined, and most of the doctors completing the programme will be employed by companies and other organisations outside the university.