Tervetuloa TAMKin avoimeen AMKiin!
Open University of Applied Sciences

Advanced Water and Wastewater Engineering

Tervetuloa TAMKin avoimeen AMKiin!

Welcome to Open UAS!

If you are still looking for your place, Open UAS offers an opportunity to try studying in UAS one course at a time. If you later start studying in UAS as a degree student, the study credits from Open UAS will be transferred to your degree studies.

Open UAS is also suitable for you, if you are already in working life and want to further develop and expand your skills. Studying in Open UAS suits everyone, no matter your age or the level of your prior degrees.

If you want further information on this particular course, please move to the “Information about studies” tab. The information below is about studying in Open UAS in general.

The studies of open UAS follow the curricula of the degree studies and they consist of study units of degree education. Contact teaching takes place in degree students’ groups with places reserved for open UAS students, or in separate open UAS groups. Some courses are offered online, with no contact teaching. There is a limited number of places for open UAS students and the places are filled in the registration order, if not stated otherwise.

Studying in open UAS is subject to a charge. The fee is at the maximum 15 € / study credit. The exact fee can be found in each course description.

More information about Open UAS can be found here. You are always welcome to email us at avoinamk [at] tuni.fi

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