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Good to know during your studies

This page is a starting point when you are looking for information concerning planning your studies, training and becoming even more international. With each topic, we give you links to the relevant pages in the TAMK Student's handbook. We hope you will visit this page many times during your studies.

How do I plan my studies?

The curriculum of your programme describes all the courses you are supposed to take to graduate. The learning goals of each course are something that you should be very familiar with. Once you know your curriculum you can start to create your individual study plan (ISP). It might look similar to your curriculum or you may ask for it to be personalised because of your special interests.

More information on planning your studies and your ISP

How do I make sure my studies are going according to plan?

In order for you to proceed in your studies according to plan it is important that you monitor them. You can do this in PAKKI:​ You enrol for courses and you can also plan. Pakki is where you see your grades after giving feedback on the course. ​If for some reason, you are not able to complete a course you need to make a plan for getting it done as soon as possible.​ Your teacher tutor/coach and your student counsellor will help you with this.​

Who will help me and guide me in planning my studies?​

There are many people ready to help you with your studies: your teacher tutor/coach, your study counsellor, and in practical things, the student tutors.​ Study affair coordinators deal with administrative issues. Turn to someone, and they will tell you whom to turn to next.

Find out about the various people helping you​

How to make sure I get a training place?​

Practical training is a very important part of your studies and your professional development. ​Training periods will really help you to learn about the practices in your field. It also helps you to plan your career. The responsibility of finding a training place lies on you, but your practical training supervisor, teacher tutor, student counsellor and ​the career services will give you tips on how to go about it and how to report it.

Information about practical training/internship​

What is the process of writing my Bachelor’s Thesis?

In your Bachelor’s Thesis you show your ability to apply in practice the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies. The process of working on it will deepen your professional competence. You are not left alone to work on the thesis. The VIHI programme and your supervisor will help you to move from one stage to another. You are expected to make a plan and stick to it. The topic of your thesis should be something you are really interested in. It should meet a practical need. Ask yourself what the current trends and needs are and, above al, what is your passion.

Information about the thesis process

Can work and hobbies give me credits?

Work and free time activities that you are doing during your studies can sometimes be included as part of your degree if they have helped you to achieve the learning goals specified in the curriculum. In Finnish, this is (accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other manner than taking a course is called 'opinnollistaminen'. Please study your curriculum carefully and ask for further instructions from your student counsellor.

Information about accreditation ​

Why does someone want to interview me every year?

Every year, we offer you an opportunity to have a discussion with your teacher tutor/coach about your wellbeing and the progress of your studies.​ The aim of the discussion is to see that you are happy with the ways your studies are going and that your individul study plan (ISP) is in accordance with your career plans. ​We really hope you will use this opportunity for a check-point.

Information about teacher tutoring and the discussions​

Could I be a student tutor?

The role of student tutors is very important in TAMK. Peer tutors and degree-tutors (in English speaking programmes) he​lp new students during their first year. This happens together with the teacher tutor/coach of the group.​ International tutors meet exchange students and help them where needed. ​Peer coaches are experiences peer tutors who mentor individuals and groups.​ Tutoring is organised by the Student Union Tamko who also trains all the tutors. You can earn credits from tutoring, but, above all, you gain useful experience.​

Informaton about student tutoring

Giving feedback is the way you can change things

We ask students to give feedback and in that way we develop TAMK. You are asked to tell what you thought of each course = course feedback. After giving it you will be able to see your grade. Every year we ask how things are going for you in general = annual feedback. Just before you graduate you are asked to review your whole time with us = graduate feedback. The feedback from all students are analysed and this way we notice what most of you see as the points to develop.

Information of feedback

Be aware of the laws and regulations affecting you

We work under the Finnish law. TAMK degree regulations specify your rights and your duties.

TAMK degree regulations