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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Student: Practical instructions for distance learning

Tampere University and TAMK

Students: Practical instructions for distance learning


Your course teacher is the first point of contact for questions about distance learning.


Pay attention to data security and protection during distance learning

Please find instructions for secure distance learning on the Secure remote work page.


Distance instruction and virtual lectures


The video service ZOOM and Microsoft TEAMS are generally used in the delivery of real-time distance instruction and virtual lectures.

Read the instructions Using live video in a virtual classroom.





The teacher will make lecture recordings available to students in Moodle or send a link to students, for example, via email.


Use the Office 365  tools for writing group assignments and for other remote working purposes.


Remote meetings through Teams

Microsoft Teams allows teams to attend remote meetings, share documents and collaboratively edit documents.


Editing and sharing documents

Besides Teams, you can share documents with email links directly through the Office 365 applications or the OneDrive cloud storage to another user or a group to be viewed or collaboratively edited.

Instructions for group working in the IT services handbook.


Separate software

Many of the software used for teaching purposes at the University are also available for download on students’ own computers.  


Returning student assignments

Your course teacher will tell you how and where to return your assignments. Students usually return their assignments through the Moodle assignment module or discussion forum.


Taking exams

Your course teacher will tell you more about the examination and provide you with practical instructions. Students can take exams remotely, for example, through the Moodle quiz module or 0365 Forms.

Links to instructions and guides

Installing software on your computer

Instructions for group working in the IT handbook

List of software

Remote access and VPN

Remote access to materials and resources offered by the University Library

Video services in the IT handbook

Video tutorials for using the Wistec Online e-learning portal (in the login window, select Office 365 and log in with your TUNI username and password)

Digimentoritoiminnan vinkkipankki offers brief instructions for using different programmes (only in finnish).


Please contact your course teacher with more questions about distance learning. If you have technical questions, send an email to %20it-helpdesk [at]


Published: 12.3.2020
Updated: 10.6.2022