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EXAM facilities

Students complete electronic examinations under supervised conditions. You must ensure in advance that you will be able to access the facilities at the designated hour.

People are only allowed inside the exam room to complete an exam and must use their personal key card to enter the facilities. Please take care that you have the rights to enter the room in advance.

Notice! If you have no valid personal key card available, you must agree on the access arrangements in advance (TAU) or obtain a single-use key card by contacting the info desk attendants or janitors (TAMK).

Tampere university

Electronic exams are taken at TUNI EXAM facilities. Information about the EXAM facilities, the access rights and code of conduct can be found on the website of the electronic examination service. Tampere University has EXAM facilities on the Hervanta Campus, Kauppi Campus, City Centre campus, University Consortium of Pori and University Consortium of Seinäjoki.

It is also possible to take electronic exams in other Finnish universities. Please read EXAM visit instructions carefully before booking your exam. Currently, a total of 20 Finnish universities offer EXAM visit services.

Electronic examination service:

Support: exam [at]

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 8.4.2022