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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Transferring directly to master's studies

If you have already, before starting your studies, completed an applicable academic degree and you have been admitted to study for both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, you can apply for a change of right to study in order to study only for a master’s degree. By doing so you renounce the right to study for a bachelor’s degree.

The applicability of your previous degree as well as the required complementary studies are assessed by the faculty.

Guideline on complementary studies at Tampere University as of 1 August 2021.

The following principles apply to the change of the right to study as of 1 August 2021

  • If a student already has the required degree and other possible required competences on the basis of which he or she could have been admitted in an actual admission directly for a master’s degree, the student's right to study may be changed upon application and transferred to a master's degree only.
  • However, if a student has a bachelor’s degree in a different field and could not have been selected directly for a master's degree in the regular student admission, the student cannot be transferred to complete just a master's degree. In this case, the student first completes a bachelor's degree in accordance with his or her initial right to study. Studies from a previous degree may be accredited in a bachelor’s degree in accordance with the instructions on the recognition of prior learning.

How to Apply

Use the Application for change of right to study form to apply, see Student's forms. Please attach copies of your degree certificate and other documents relevant to the assessment of applicability to the application. Submit the application and present the original documents at the Study Services of the faculty that is in charge of the degree that you are applying for. Alternatively, you can also provide a copy of the original certificate and a link to the My Studyinfo service, where the degree can be verified if the degree has been completed in Finland.

The decision on the change of the right to study is made by the dean of the faculty.

Change of right to study may require complementary studies. The need to complete such studies is assessed when the application is being processed. Please fill in a form for the complementary studies and attach it to the application for change of right to study.

N.B. The change of right to study may affect your student allowance. For more information, please contact Kela - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Published: 25.2.2019
Updated: 16.11.2023