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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Study right at the Open University

The study right is granted either for the study module and/or for the implementation of an individual course, depending on the subject.

The study right means the time period when a student can complete studies. The study right is limited in duration and content. The right to study cannot be transferred to another study module or to the implementation of a course.

If you have the study right for the implementation of a course, please note the following: a single course may have several implementations (contact teaching, e-learning, independent study or several contact teaching or e-learning implementations during the academic year), of which you have chosen one when applying to the open university. You have a study right to this exact course implementation.

Each contact teaching or online learning implementation of the course has its own schedule (eg lectures, exams, assignments, etc.) that must be followed.

You can check the duration of your study right from Sisu.

Published: 20.4.2020
Updated: 11.11.2021