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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Registration with the authorities for new degree students

At the beginning of your studies, you will have to take care of a few administrative things. Besides registering with the University, you need to complete a formal registration process after arrival. Registration is required of all international students staying in Tampere for more than 90 days. 

The registration is for registering your personal data and your address in Finland into the Finnish Population Information System. As you are staying in Finland for more than one year, we recommend you to register a permanent address; this is important to have access to the municipal services.

  1. You will receive a Finnish personal identity code if you have not received the identity code in connection with your residence permit.

    You need a personal identity code

    • for university records. Therefore, once you have been granted a Finnish personal identity code, you should present the document along with your passport/identity card at the Student Affairs Office.
    • for any matters that require dealing with the Finnish authorities.
    • for setting up a bank account with online banking or possibly for getting a service contract with a mobile phone operator.
  2. You will be registered an address in Finland. Please note that this is especially important in order to access e.g. municipal health services.

We have arranged the new university students to get their Digital and Population Data Services Agency, DVV registration (that needs to be done by everyone) sorted as conveniently as possible by arranging DVV appointment days on the city centre and Hervanta campuses. See section 1. (below) for the instructions, locations and times. (Info updated closer to the start of autumn semester 2024.) You can register on any of the DVV days regardless of your home campus. You do not need to book an appointment for the registration days. Remember to have the required documents & copies and any possible filled in forms with you as you arrive.

Do not book a time slot at the DVV's office but complete your registration on campus days (see section 1 below). The registration is free of charge.

N.B. The only exception to above are those arriving with your families. If you register your whole family at the same time, you must book a separate time at the DVV office. In this case you do not need to come to campus registrations.

Additionally, students coming from the EU/EEA/EFTA countries need to register their right of residence with the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), too, as the students are staying in Finland for more than two months. (See section 2. below.)


Published: 7.8.2019
Updated: 5.6.2024