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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Finnish personal identity code for new international degree and exchange students

All new international degree and exchange students will need a Finnish personal identity code. Students coming from outside the EU/EEA/EFTA might get the code along with their residence permit, but not always.

All international exchange and degree students will have to apply for the identity code or complete the registration after they arrive in Tampere, the registration is known as DVV registration. The easiest way is to complete the registration according to the instructions you receive during the Welcome Week and on our campuses, or, in case of late arrival, directly at the DVV's office. 

Please note that it can take up to 4-8 weeks to get the code in Tampere. Once you have been granted a document with your Finnish personal identity code, you should submit your document with the following online form to the Student Affairs Office.

Before leaving Tampere University, please always make sure that your student data in Sisu contains your Finnish personal identity code. Tampere University is obliged to collect the code for administrative purposes. You might need a Finnish personal identity code also to prove your identity, for example, at banks (also when opening a bank account), health centres and hospitals.

The code was formerly known as a social security number. Nowadays it has nothing to do with Finnish social security and is only used for identification purposes

Published: 26.6.2019
Updated: 20.2.2024