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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Study allowance and grants

As a student, you may be eligible to receive Kela's student financial aid. The student financial aid comprises the study grant and government loan guarantee. The basis for granting student financial aid is acceptance to a university of applied sciences, full-time study, academic progress, and economic need.

The student financial aid can be granted no earlier than from the beginning of the application month. If student financial aid has been granted for the whole study time, you do not need to apply it separately for each academic year.

Financial aid for students

If you are not a Finnish citizen, you may be entitled to financial aid with education in Finland if you are registered as a permanent resident of Finland in the population register system and your purpose for residence in Finland is something other than education (for example, work, family ties or return migration). If you are in Finland for the express purpose of studying at the university, you are not eligible for financial aid from Finland.

Financial aid for foreign students

Published: 20.2.2019
Updated: 6.2.2024