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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Student card benefits

To enjoy the benefits and discounts associated with the student status, you need a student card with an up-to-date annual registration sticker. Student union members can order a student card for the price of 10 euros. The student card also works as a library card in the university library where it can be activated. In addition, the card provides access to university facilities, including electronic exam rooms. By showing the card, you can get travel discounts for long-distance trains (VR) and buses (Matkahuolto), student-friendly priced lunches and many other benefits and discounts. You can also recharge student-friendly priced restaurant meals in Juvenes. SYL, The National Union of University Students in Finland, has negotiated several benefits and discounts for students. Moreover, Opiskelijan Tampere has made up local deals for students in Tampere.

Published: 20.2.2019
Updated: 14.4.2022