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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Sustainability tips for exchange students

Tampere University

Finland is known worldwide as a peaceful and safe democratic country that favours gender equality and free education. At the same time, nature is always close by and the conserving the environment is another core value. At Tampere University we are committed to promoting sustainability through research and education as well as in our campus development and other daily practices. Tampere University aim to be carbon neutral by the year 2030.

Tampere University promotes sustainable development, has calculated its carbon footprint in 2021, has set a target on achieving carbon neutrality and belongs to top universities wordwide in the Times Higher Education's Impact Rankings, has a Fair Trade campus designation, a campus biodiversity project and a Sustainability Open Space, which develops our community together with students to make everything more sustainable. The university’s renewed strategy for 2030 (.pdf) aims to develop solutions to tackle climate change, preserve the natural environment and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies.

Our Tampere University's alumna of the year 2020, Sanna Marin, at age of 34, became both the world's youngest serving state leader at the time and Finland's youngest-ever prime minister. You can learn more by watching her open lecture “The Climate Sustainable Welfare Society: Is it the Model of the Future?” held at Columbia University on 6 March 2020.

Finland, as a country, strives to become one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare societies, reaching carbon neutrality by 2035, according to the released government programme. The city of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    • Tampere University among the top 200 (2021: the same) 
  • Sustainable cities and communities
    • Tampere University placed among the top 200 (2021: the same) 
  • Climate action
    • Tampere University among the top 300 (2021: ranked 59th) 
  • Partnerships for the goals
    • Tampere University placed in the 101–200 bracket (2021: the 401–600 bracket) 
  • Overall ranking
    • Tampere University placed in the 301–400 bracket (2021: the same) 

The rankings measured the performance of 1,406 higher education institutions from 106 countries and regions. 

Published: 29.1.2020
Updated: 25.7.2022