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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Supervisors of postgraduate studies, follow-up group and changes in the supervisory relationships

Tampere University

Each active postgraduate student has a responsible supervisor and at least one other supervisor, as well as a possible follow-up group (Section 26 of Tampere University Regulations on Degrees). This practice expands the knowledge base of supervision, supports the student’s networking and legal protection, and facilitates solving possible disruptions and problems in supervision.

The responsible supervisor is in charge of the postgraduate student’s entire degree and supervision arrangements. The supervisory plan details the division of labour between the responsible supervisor, other supervisors and the follow-up group.

The responsible supervisor must be employed by Tampere University, represent the field of the doctoral dissertation, and be a professor or an adjunct professor, or work in a tenure track position. For specific reasons, a person not employed by Tampere University but conducting research in the research community of Tampere University may be appointed as the responsible supervisor. The other supervisors must hold doctoral degrees.

The purpose of the follow-up group is to strengthen the expertise in supervision and feedback, and to enhance the quality of dissertations.

  • In addition to the supervisors, members from the doctoral programme or external members are appointed to the follow-up group with at least one of them holding a doctoral degree. The external members may be, for example, experts from other universities, companies or research institutes.
  • The follow-up group should be assembled during the first year of study as specified by the doctoral programme. The doctoral programme defines the procedures of the follow-up group in more detail.

If you wish to change the people participating in your supervision, submit the “Changes in the supervisory relationships” form to the study administration of your faculty.

Published: 29.10.2019
Updated: 27.4.2022