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Student ambassadors

Do you want to take part in some fun and meaningful activities alongside studies and earn a little pocket money? Would you like to promote Tampere and Finland as a best place to study and live? Share your experiences in a blog text or in Instagram? Discuss with potential applicants online and in student recruitment fairs and other events? Come and contribute to the student ambassador activities of TAMK and join the community of student influencers.

Tampere Student Ambassadors act as a link between the university community and the outside community.

To promote TAMK and Tampere in general, Student Ambassadors are active both on campus and online.  As a student ambassador you have a central role in marketing our degree programmes as peer information is invaluable.

Your main task as a Student Ambassador is to answer the questions of potential applicants and prospective students online by using the Unibuddy platform as well as to be active in social media. You may represent TAMK also in webinars, campus visits, study fairs (both online and offline) and other events. You will often work together with Tampere University student ambassadors, as well as your peer student ambassadors studying in the Finnish-taught degree programmes (ie. opiskelijalähettiläät). Student ambassadors also write blog posts,  create content to TAMK Instagram and make podcasts. All activities will be based on your own experience, skills and enthusiasm.

Cool! How do I become a Student Ambassador?

We recruit new Student Ambassadors and social media ambassadors every spring in April-May. Student Ambassadors work for the whole academic year or one semester only, if agreed upon. If you want to continue after your first year, you will need to sign-up again.

We train our student ambassadors in the beginning of each academic year. All student ambassadors need to attend the trainings. Those continuing their ambassador activities will have a training tailored for them.

You will be paid a set compensation together with travel and accommodation costs when required and agreed on. You will also need a Finnish tax card to receive the payments. In addition to monetary compensation you will also receive a TAMK Student Ambassador t-shirt and a reference for your CV.

We use Moodle to coordinate and communicate Student Ambassador activities. All our student ambassadors will be added to the Student Ambassador Moodle. In Moodle you will find all training material and the gigs available as well as more detailed information on the compensation. Should you have any questions, please contact us at: student.ambassadors(a)

Please note that you need to be registered as present at TAMK for the academic year to be able to participate. If you are graduating soon, please see what Tampere  alumni community has to offer.

Join the community of student influencers and promote TAMK, Tampere and Finland!


Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 18.8.2023