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TAMK Student's Handbook

Transcript of records

Tampere University and TAMK

Transcripts of records and study certificates

You are entitled to have a transcript of records on completed studies during your studies. You can have the transcript of records in Finnish and/or in English. You should check annually that all completed courses have been entered to the student administration system and your transcript of records is up to date.

Electronically verified and signed certificates

You can download an electronically signed and verified transcript of records or a study certificate from PAKKI. The documents are electronically signed using the certificate of the Population Register Centre of Finland (DVV), which guarantees the authenticity of the electronic signature. Further information on verifying the authenticity of documents can be found on Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ website at

Other certificates

You can collect your transcript of records or study certificate from a study affairs coordinator at any campus. If necessary, you can also order it with an e-formYou can collect a signed and stamped study certificate or transcript of records from study affairs coordinators for example for purchase of tickets and for various needs.

My Studyinfo (Oma Opintopolku)

You can find your study rights and completed studies in the My Studyinfo service. The service allows you to share your data with authorities, such as education organisers, municipalities, Kela, employment offices and employers. As a rule, the service includes study rights and studies completed at higher education institutions from 1995 onwards (but there may be some exceptions). The service requires identification with bank identifiers, a mobile ID or citizen certificate.


Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 7.10.2022