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TAMK Student's Handbook

Screenwriting - information for new students


Congratulations – you have been selected in the next intake! You are warmly welcome to join the TAMK community and start building your future. This page has information, guidelines and schedules, which help you in getting started. Please read these instructions carefully.

Start of studies

Studies start on 30 August 2021 at 10.00 on  TAMK Mediapolis campus(classroom 30017)

On the first day, remember to bring with you your official ID and your original certificates for verification. Student selection is always conditional until the originals have been compared with the ones sent in the application stage.


Orientation days are not only mandatory for all students, they are the best way to get started. You will see and hear about our facilities and services, meet with everyone in your study group and get to know each other, talk to the key people in building your future: the head of your programme, your tutor teacher, other lecturers, your study counsellor, TAMK social counsellor, student union members and many more.


Take a closer look at your curriculum to better understand your study and learning goals. The individual descriptions of courses include methods, teachers, timing of the course within the academic year, evaluation criteria and exam types. 

This information is especially important if you wish to accredit some previously completed higher education courses, since you need to propose the substitution and discuss the matter with your study counsellor (link below) during orientation. If you have questions about accreditation, it’s best to send email ahead of time to avoid the rush during orientation.

Course Outline

Here you have a Course Outline with a lot of details - e.g. list of books to begin with - and how we are going to organize the studies. Please let me remind you that it is still a draft !

If Covid-19 pandemic  allows, I hope to see you all  in the Orientation Day  30. August and the following days  of that week in Mediapolis, as the rest of the studies will be held online except Master Classes in Spring.  Please start thinking ideas you wish to write your script !  Maybe 2-3 different from which to choose.

Looking forward to see you!

Mr Ari Koivimäki


Created: 2.4.2019
Updated: 11.11.2021