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Time limit for degree completion

Tampere University and TAMK

Do you need extension time for your studies?

If you cannot complete your degree during the duration of your study right (normative duration of the studies + first year extension), you have to apply for extension time (both 1st year extension and discretionary extension) with an e-form. Please remember to fill in the application by 30 November in the autumn or 31 May in the spring. The application for extension can only be submitted in the last existing term of study right. Please make a study plan together with the student counsellor or teacher tutor. Attach it and the schedule for the studies to the application. You should also present the potential reasons that justify your application.

You can have a year of extension time at the most and your graduation has to be realistic during the extension time. Most of your degree has to be ready when applying for extension time.

Tuition fee paying students

Should a student require additional time (+1 year) for completing the degree, they should apply for the extension first, then register as present and pay an extension tuition fee of 1 500 € for the duration. 


What if discretionary extension time is not granted?

If discretionary extension time is not granted or you have already used it, you can complete the remaining studies in the Open UAS.

  1. First contact your student counsellor or teacher in charge to agree on which studies you still have to complete, how and when. Please also check the course codes for the courses you will be taking with your student counsellor. If you have not completed your thesis, the student counsellor will contact you on who will be assigned to supervise your thesis after the meeting.
  2. After completing step 1 please register as an open UAS student through the link: Write the courses and their codes on the form. The planned study time is entered to the following field. When you have received your open UAS study right, you will also receive instructions on activating your username by email.
  3. As an open UAS student, you will pay €15/credit for the remaining studies. However, the studies will cost you €200 at the maximum during 12 months.
  4. When you have completed all the studies at Open UAS that you need in order to graduate, you then re-apply for a study right (processing fee of €50) in the degree programme through the following link Before you apply, please make sure you have received grades for all the courses.

Professional Teacher Education

If you study in professional teacher education, you can have a semester (6 months) of extension time at the most. Most of your studies have to be ready when applying for extension time and your graduation has to be realistic during the extension time. Please discuss your study plan with the teacher of your group before filling in the application.

Please note that extension time cannot be granted if you already have completed the studies demanded for the degree.

A statutory fee is collected on processing of the application. Please remember to attach a receipt on the fee to the application.

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 7.10.2022