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Personal study plan (PSP)

Tampere University and TAMK

Planning of Studies and PSP

OPS or curriculum

Each degree programme has its own curriculum (also known by the Finnish acronym OPS), which you can find at OPS lets you see the structure of your degree programme. For example, a TAMK degree programme consists of mandatory and optional basic and professional studies, practical training, thesis and elective studies.

By clicking the name of a course in the OPS, you get to read about the course's study goals, contents and assessment. A course may have several different implementations, which are different versions of the same course - the difference is when they are taught and what their target audience is. Each implementation has its own implementation plan, which includes information on the signing up period, when the studies take place, ways of study, assessment and literature. You need this information while planning your studies and potentially while considering credit transfer for studies of your prior studies or previously acquired learning.

PSP - your personal study plan

You get to plan your studies right from the beginning of your studies. It is important to think what you wish to learn and what kind of employment you will be seeking in your upcoming profession. Your individual study plan (PSP, in Finnish HOPS) is based on the curriculum (OPS). In the beginning of the studies, OPS and PSP are typically the same. PSP includes mandatory studies of your degree programme, which you must complete to accomplish the learning goals of your degree. In addition, you can select studies based on your interests and goals from your own degree programme and from TAMK (or another university) courses. You also can plan international exchange studies or practical training around the world. Practical training and thesis give opportunities to deepen your know-how.

You get to track and plan your PSP with the student desktop Pakki.

When you are making choices and planning your PSP, you are supported by, among others, your student counsellor and teacher tutor. PSP-decisions are made by the head of degree programme or a person appointed by him/her.

Tools to plan your studies with

  • OPS: big picture of what is studied, how and when: learning goals, contents, assessment criteria etc.
  • Pakki: study planning and progress tracking, especially check out the tabs HOPS, Credits and Studies.
  • Lukkarikone: when and where teaching takes place

Study opportunities in addition to your degree programme

You can choose studies from the list below, especially for your elective studies, if you still have any remaining. Elective studies cannot have the same content as a previously completed course. If you are planning studies for basic and professional studies, discuss the matter first with your teacher tutor or student counsellor.

Elective studies may include any university courses. All TAMK courses are suited to be elective studies. You must note, however, that courses may require prior knowledge or the course implementation may have limited seats. The course teacher determines whether or not you may take part.

The number of credits of your degree programme cannot be exceeded with studies undertaken in other universities. While on overtime, you can only complete studies required for your degree. 


Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 13.2.2023