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Internationalisation module

Tampere University and TAMK

The internationalisation module is a voluntary thematic study module which includes degree-related courses with internationalisation objectives. The module helps students identify and bring out their study-related international competence. Completion of the module is marked on the degree certificate.

From 1 August 2019, the internationalisation module may consist of the following studies:

1. International student mobility

a. student exchange, including orientation for outgoing students 

 b. practical training abroad or

 c. separate degree-related studies completed abroad in present-day or prior higher education studies, including intensive courses and theses. The extent of the internationalisation module is determined in the home institution based on the number of transferred credits.

2. foreign-language studies (10 credits at the maximum)  

Obligatory language studies of the degree may not be included in the module. Courses in Finnish as a foreign language are also accepted as foreign-language studies. 

3. Intercultural communication studies (10 credits at the maximum)

4. Studies conducted in Finnish which include enough module-related objectives if internationalisation studies are defined in the curriculum (coming to curricula in the academic year 2019-2020) (10 credits at the maximum)

5. Completion of courses and participation in programmes conducted in a foreign language (10 credits at the maximum)

6. International tutoring, other international student union activities and positions of trust which promote module-related objectives if credits are awarded on them (5 credits at the maximum)

The internationalisation module may be a part of a bachelor’s or master’s degree if the preconditions for the module are fulfilled. All courses of the module have to be included in the degree.

The internationalisation module is planned as part of students’ personal study plan process. The contents and extent of the module are determined by students’ study plan choices within the set criteria.

The minimum extent of the internationalisation module is 20 credits. There is no maximum number of credits for the module. It is however possible that students cannot include all completed internationalisation courses in the module.



Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 9.3.2023