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TAMK Student's Handbook

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Internationality as a part of degree studies

Experience of work culture and methods of work from different countries forms an important part of studying for a profession. It is necessary to be able to communicate and make moves in the job markets globally in today's multicultural society. TAMK degree students can complete a part of their degree studies abroad; there are many excellent opportunities for study- and internship exchanges, intensive courses and various international projects.

You can also internationalise at TAMK along with incoming exchange students and international degree students as well as expert lecturers from abroad. This concept of internationalisation at home is additionally supported by the fact that TAMK arranges lectures, study periods and study modules taught entirely in English. It is also possible to become an international tutor for our incoming exchange students.


Student exchange

TAMK degree students can complete a part of their studies abroad. Student exchange is possible after completing the first year of degree studies at TAMK and it is possible to apply for an exchange multiple times. Exchange studies last 3-12 months at a time.

Outgoing exchange students can apply for a grant for the duration of their exchange. Additionally, students are entitled to the study grants and other grant benefits they receive from Kela during their exchange studies as well.

TAMK follows the European Union-approved study credit transfer system (ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Pre-planned and approved studies that have been completed succesfully in a partner university as a part of exchange studies will be transferred in full and included as a part of a student's degree at TAMK, and do not lengthen the period of study required for a degree. More information is available on the intranet.

More information regarding exchange study desetinations can be found on the SoleMOVE -database. Select TAMK as the institution and then click "Exchange Destinations Abroad".

More information: Study services, student mobility outgoing.tamk [at]


Double degree studies

TAMK students can apply for a double-degree programme in four different degree programmes. Double degree students complete part of their studies in a partner university abroad and will receive two degree certificates upon graduation; one from TAMK and one from the partner university. Students typically apply for double degree studies during the second year of their degree studies.

Information about double degree programmes can be found on our website.


Internships and practical training form an important and mandatory part of degree studies at a University of Applied Sciences and depending on the specific degree programme, the internships can account for 30 - 120 credits. The purpose of the internship is to familiarize the student with their field of work and give an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in practice.

Internships, or parts of internships, can also be done abroad. Doing so will be especially beneficial in the future if you are intending to enter the international job market. Short term internships abroad that support degree studies also aid in employability in a student's home country as well; international work experience is a valuable addition to a CV and can sometimes be a requirement as well.

Students primarily arrange their internships themselves. Available internships are posted on the Jobteaser -service and the degree programme coordinators responsible for internships as well as Student Mobility Services will help students to get started as necessary. Students undertaking an internship can apply for a grant for the duration of their internship.

All internships abroad require an angreement to be signed by three parties; the student, a TAMK representative and the supervisor of place of employment where the internship will take place. Instructions and forms are available on the intranet.

More information: Study services, student mobility outgoing.tamk [at]


Internship after graduating

If you do not have a job ready and waiting for you after graduating, you can take this opportunity to further develop your professional skills by completing an internship in Europe. The rules of the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme state that a student has 12 months of allocated time for mobilities, and that this period can inlcude an internship period that takes place after you have graduated. Students undertaking an internship can apply for a grant from TAMK.

This internship requires an agreement between the place of employment, the student and TAMK which as to be completed, signed and dated before the student has graduated. Instructions and forms are available on the intranet.

More information: Study services, student mobility outgoing.tamk [at]

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 11.11.2021