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Course unit, curriculum year 2024–2025

Biosensors, 5 cr

Tampere University
Teaching periods
Active in period 1 (1.8.2024–20.10.2024)
Active in period 3 (1.1.2025–2.3.2025)
Course code
Language of instruction
Academic years
2024–2025, 2025–2026, 2026–2027
Level of study
Advanced studies
Grading scale
General scale, 0-5
Persons responsible
Responsible teacher:
Soile Nymark
Responsible organisation
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology 100 %
Coordinating organisation
MET Studies 100 %
Common learning outcomes
International outlook and global responsibility
Sustainable development goals
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Core content

  • Applications and requirements of biosensors.
  • Principles of molecular recognition in different biosensors.
  • Detection methods: electrodes, optical sensors, intracellular sensors, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) sensors and other sensor types.
  • Miniaturization and biocompatibility.
  • Examples of single cell measurements with biosensors.

Complementary knowledge

  • Light microscopy
  • Principles of electrochemistry, operation principles of optical sensors.
  • Principles of cellular level measurement conditions.
  • Micro ElectroMechanical systems (MEMS)
Learning outcomes
Recommended prerequisites
Further information
Studies that include this course
Completion option 1
Passed exercises, laboratory assignments and examination.
Completion of all options is required.


24.09.2024 24.09.2024
Active in period 1 (1.8.2024–20.10.2024)

Participation in teaching

07.01.2025 23.02.2025
Active in period 3 (1.1.2025–2.3.2025)