Access our co-development and entrepreneurship services

Tampere Universities are committed to promoting entrepreneurship, co-creation and students’ co-operation with partners from working life. An easy way to start collaboration is to contact eg Demola, Y-kampus or Proakatemia.


Demola facilitates multidisciplinary co-creation projects by bringing together industry experts from leading companies and millennials from its alliance universities around the globe. Co-creation leads to discoveries that are lost by looking only from one perspective. With the help of Demola, customers discover strong, hidden innovation capabilities through new perspectives and diversity.


The Y-kampus is a place for experimentation on each campus of Tampere Universities. We offer inspiring events and optional studies where members of the higher education community can enhance their skills and realise their full potential. We promote an entrepreneurial approach by mentoring people who plan to become entrepreneurs and innovators. Join us and make it happen!


Proakatemia students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences study entrepreneurship and team leadership. During the studies, student teams set up real enterprises that undertake projects for their clients. For employers, Proakatemia offers the opportunity to work with top professionals of the future. For students, Proakatemia enables the creation of a diverse network of contacts during the studies.