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Sprint Innovation Festival - one week, 1,000 students, real business challenges


Sprint Innovation Festival is a week-long annual innovation festival that brings together hundreds of higher education students, companies, municipalities and third sector organizations as well as experts and researchers from various domains.

Over the course of one week, some 1,000 students will solve real business challenges for various organizations, pulling together as multidisciplinary teams. The students get to put their theoretical know-how into practice and learn new meta skills that complement the things they learned in school.

In the past cases have varied from developing the residential area of Hiedanranta, Tampere, to creating a reusable, transmittable gift package for children. The cases are real, meaning that the organizations don’t just make them up – they are actual problems which the organizations are trying to solve and want innovative perspectives and solutions for.

This event is also a great opportunity to develop your employer brand and connect directly with students – your future employees. Students will remember the organizations that reach out to them.

Who's it for

Companies, municipalities, third sector organizations as well as for experts and researchers from various fields. And, of course, students at Tampere Universities.

How does it all happen

Your organization can offer a challenge but also join the event in other ways.

If you want to participate with offering a challenge, you need to first identify a problem that your organization must solve. A challenge can be to create new processes or service innovations or to design a new product. Case is a question, issue or problem that your organization is currently working on in real life and is given to student teams of the event by a company representative.

The Sprint Innovation Festival project team will help in crystallizing your challenge and preparing the assignment.

Your organization can also participate by

  • being part of the event (for example host a breakfast and start the day or give an expert speech)
  • creating an own lounge
  • producing activities for the participants

Contact us

    If your organization is interested in co-operation either with a challenge or with other options, contact the event’s project team. The packages are tailored to the partner’s needs.

    For more information, please visit Sprint Innovation Festivals’ website